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QA Engineers

DevGency has a team of top software quality assurance experts that are in charge of planning, executing and monitoring design and performance testing (mobile and web platforms) to guarantee high quality of our customers’ products and look to enhance its usefulness, consistent quality and ease of use.

Our QA engineers are master individuals with numerous years of experience in black and white box testing, load testing, manual integration tests. Moreover, they have unbeatable command on bug report programming. DevGency is a place where you can contract QA engineers with the best arrangement of abilities.

Expertise In:
  • Black, White, Grey Box Testing.
  • Efficient use of JIRA (bug tracking, test cases, etc.)
  • Design & Performance Testing (web, mobile platforms)

Hiring Process | How It Works:
  • Specify the resources you need.
  • We will send you relevant profiles.
  • Select candidate(s) for virtual interview.
  • Finalize remote teams or individuals.
  • Hire as hourly, part/full-time resource.

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