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Our web gurus equipped with agile development expertise ensure timely deliverables with highest quality standards.

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Graphic Designing

We offer Graphic Designing Services and Animition Services for corporates using diffrent technologies.

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Our SEO specialists employ customized strategies to give your website authority and traffic a groundbreaking boost.

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E-Commerce Store

We offer E-Commerce services . Our dedicated technical resources strive for excellence with instant availability.

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We have partnered with some of the leading education and financial institutions, and nonprofits to modernize the ways learning is accessed. Our online and ed-tech solutions are used by millions globally.
Our apps have been at the cornerstone of the technology revolution in the healthcare industry. From educating medical students to patient management in clinics, our experts have covered all.
DevGency has helped startups become leading travel & hospitality search engines with our dedicated team of software developers, and machine learning and data engineers.
Financial Services
Our data and software engineering teams have teamed up with startups to enterprise organizations to help them meet fast-paced changes in financial sector.
Web App Development
We create beautifully designed web apps precisely tailored to your situation. Each phase of development from designing to coding and implementation is planned meticulously, while Agile methodology is used to build strategies for each sprint.
Web Scraping & Data Services
We create crawl clusters to analyse and crawl through data from multiple sources, collect usable data faster, and break free of scaling constraints. Data extractors created by experts handle data extraction and web scraping, in the time and format that suits you best.
Mobile App Development
We build native apps optimized for iOS and Android to provide your users a completely branded seamless mobile experience that leverages the full power of the OS. We’ve collaborated on several enterprise-grade apps for the iPhone and Android.
Enterprise Software Development
We provide full range of custom software development services to bring your ideas to life. Our turnkey solutions are custom-designed to fit into your enterprise software ecosystem. Anything you can dream up, from a custom desktop application to a global app, we can build it.
Learning Management System
We realize the importance of learning as a form of leadership. Therefore, our learning management solution, Edly, provides everything you need to deliver and track learning experiences online.
Designed by a team of Human Resource specialists and software engineers, DevGency's Human Resource Information System (HRIS), WorkStream and HireStream, brings you a comprehensive array of features built-in modern technology to streamline your processes, facilitate workflow, improve efficiency and maintain data.
CX Management Solution
Sentimeter is a user experience (CX) solution that empowers you to make data-driven decisions by anticipating customer needs and tracking demand.
Data Analytics
In a world inundated by data, you need fast and reliable data to help you recognize and capitalize on opportunities. With real insight at your fingertips, you can improve engagement levels with your customers, reduce costs, and seize upon exciting new revenue streams.

I am very proud of the team at DevGency, they are a very smart group of people and I highly recommend them. See the great work at carechampionslondon.com

-Simon B

It was very pleasant to work with them, they surpassed by far the expectations resulting in a high quality project. I know that they have the ability to comply with any type of software, so I do not hesitate to recommend them.

-David Cooper

DevGency has done a very good job working with me in this project. The dialog has been flawless and raised questions has been addressed right away. Very professional!

Harry Cailms.

Put in a lot of effort and are technically very well positioned. I really appreciate the professionalism and expertise from the IT engineers.

Jack S. K.

We are very happy with the work that DevGency did for us. We had very little experience with the backend of building a website either so in general this was a great collaboration.

Ian M.


Honored with numerous accolades and certifications, DevGency (Pvt) Ltd. is officially recognized as a quality business and IT solutions provider. We have recently won Pakistan Digital Award 2021, affirming our forte in IT industry.

Since 2017 DevGency (Pvt) Ltd has focused on developing and maintaining custom software solutions for small enterprises to big conglomerates. With increased efficiency, we established a diversified client base across the globe – we worked with 100+ companies, 600+ happy clients, and delivered 1000+ projects. 95% of our business patrons return for a second engagement. Find out more details on our About Us page.
Our professional integrity, solid work ethics, and take-a-dare aptitude raises us above our peers. Our friendly, candid, and professional team of IT, business and marketing experts take collective responsibility of every single venture. We won 'Customer Satisfaction Award' in 2014 and two ISO Certifications in 2018; demonstrating our capability to consistently provide IT products and services that meet clients and regulatory requirements. We are adding good-paying IT jobs to our local community.
It all depends on project nature and scope of work. However, usually, the pre-project evaluation and documentation take 1-2 weeks. Our design and planning phase takes 2-3 weeks. We initiate development after that.
Yes, we engage our dedicated software engineers to keep your product in shape. We quickly respond to clients’ needs, address their concerns about bug-tracking and fixing. Moreover, we provide ongoing support for our designed software solutions based on product license. We also handle proposed feature enhancements and developments.
Yes, we do. You can hire our dedicated resources who will work only for you. You can engage an individual or the entire team on hourly, part-time or full-time contract basis whatever suits you.
For each project, typical team size is 2-3 developers depending on the project scope, workload and timeline for deliverables. Each development team is supported by UI/UX designers, QA engineers, project coordinators, and more developers if required. These sharing support resources for each project helps us accelerate the completion process with reduced costs for the clients.

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