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Employ our Dedicated Resources for any web solution. We offer IT outsourcing services to share your workload. An individual or an entire team, once hired they will stay committed to your specific work. Offshore Outsourcing is the best way to save your time and money. Stay engaged with your other business operations while our dedicated workforce will take care of your software design and development endeavors.

Hire dedicated IT professionals to free yourself from the burden of staff recruitment and training. Just send us your requirements. We will, then, schedule a live interview with your selected resource person on your preferred medium - Skype, Phone or IM, etc.

Build your virtual team with us by picking the people for different services on hourly, part-time or full-time until the project completes.

.Net Developers

Hire dedicated .Net developers for your custom website and mobile application development with premium performance and flawless functionality.

PHP Developers

Hire PHP experts for seamless coding environment to complement your websites needs.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Hire fast, efficient and very helpful, dedicated resources for your AR needs. Get large cost savings for your organization with our scalable solutions on estimates.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Hire VR experts to create virtual reality experiences that take organizational strategic initiative to the next level. We help you build great products that drive engagement in genuinely useful ways.

Full Stack Developer

Hire full stack developers for user-friendly, interactive applications, custom APIs, CMS development and more. We cater to the specific and ever-changing requirements for all industries across the board.

Microsoft Dynamics

Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM specialists for driving your digital transformation and accelerating business growth and development.

Sharepoint Developer

Hire highly qualified SharePoint developers for your business solutions. No matter how complex your project is, our dedicated resources have the capabilities to deliver.

Vue Js Developer

Hire Vue.js experts with industry-leading experience and emerging knowledge to deliver high-quality, innovative, scalable and progressive enterprise-grade applications.

Node Js Developer

Hire dedicated Node.js experts with the latest technological advancements to fit in with your specific project needs and meet your exact requirements and expectations.

React Developer

Hire dedicated developers or team of seasoned professionals with React expertise for all your project needs.

Blockchain Developer

Hire blockchain-based solution developers with advanced skills to make your products better and more secure through smart contract development, penetration testing, Hyperledger networks and more.

Ruby on Rails Developer

Hire dedicated resources with years-long expertise in this widespread framework to get a well-thought-out product design and development in a very little time.

Digital Marketing Experts

Hire digital marketers and social media managers to drive branding campaigns everywhere, on every device to capture new audiences using your brand-approved assets and content in an interesting way.

Mobile Apps Developers

Hire skilled and experienced mobile application developers to turn your ideas into robust mobile apps for a platform of your own choose – iOS, Android, etc. We deliver native, hybrid and web apps.

Front End Developer

Hire experienced front end developers to work on all your native and web optimized apps development needs. We deliver high-quality custom solutions as you need, and within your means.

Web/Graphic Designers

Hire talented and motivated web and graphic experts for sleek, subtle, and dynamic designs with a fine finish. We structure creative thoughts.

Content Writer

Hire creative writers and technical content curators to fulfill your content development requirements for branding, social media, promotions, marketing & web.

SEO Experts

Hire SEO specialists with years-long experience in developing and implementing result-oriented SEO and SEM strategies. We keep our internet marketing methodology perfectly aligned with Google trends.

QA Engineers

Hire web and software QA engineers highly experienced in all design and performance testing methodologies and tools as per industry standards.

Our On-Boarding Process

  • Talk to Us

    Share your project requirements with our team.

  • Select the Team

    Work with our coordinators to select the best fit.

  • Start Free Trial

    Start risk-free trial period for team’s evaluation

Our Client-Centric Approach

  • Persistent Visibility

    We store codes on an online repository for clients to view and track. All tasks are updated, maintained and tracked regularly.

  • Constant Interaction

    Every team member is responsible to provide daily updates to project stakeholders about the status of tasks performed.

  • Agile Scrum Meetings

    The core of our successful product development is daily scrum meetings, ensuring that all the resources are on the same page.

  • Product Evaluation

    We execute sprint retrospective meetings and regular demo sessions to ensure that teams are following the project scope.

Hire Dedicated Resources at Affordable Rate

  • Junior Level Developers
    1-2 years Experience
    $20-24/ hour
  • Mid Level Developers
    3-5 years Experience
    $26-30/ hour
  • Senior Level Developers
    6+ years Experience
    $31-45/ hour

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