Mind Body & Tech are market leaders in providing CRM systems that work with the use of A.I Our clients requirements all had one major goal in common and that goal was to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s when our user friendly, automated CRM system ERTRU was discovered

Our clients range from the Financial Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector & Travel Sector who have provided:


• Payment Protection Insurance Claims • Packaged Bank Account Claims
• Plevin Claims
• PPI TAX Claims
• PBA TAX Claims
• Debt & Budgeting Plans

• PCR Day 2 & 8 Testing
• PCR Fit to Fly Testing
• Lateral Flow / Rapid Antigen Testing
• UK Private Consultations for overseas Clientele

• Travel Tours to the Middle East
• Minibus & Coach Hire

We have helped our client’s mange and service their businesses worth over £.5 Million Pounds We are probably one of the very first organisations to offer a tailored CRM system to each company needs without compromising on key benefits for a fraction of the cost.

We deliver automated, simplified processes and tasks that can be done without the need for human intervention. So, if you require your sales department, customer service department or invoicing department to work like clockwork, we are the best people to do deliver this for you.
We use Smart & Intelligent Work Processes

• Auto Customer Updates
• Auto Invoice & Receipt Generation
• Auto Administration Reminders


1. Quick Turnaround of Tasks
2. Easy to manage
3. A smaller team can work more efficiently with the aid of A.I integration

Customers Management

Collect, organize and monitor customer data. This customer management module helps businesses capture, research and analyze their consumers-related information such as customer behavior and feedback, buying preferences and demographics to develop and retain a core customer base – mandatory for business growth opportunities.

Sales Reporting

Manage your sales analytics and reports. Analyze the company's sales volume over time and determine the best course of action. Scale with seamless reporting and automation of entire business, and get demand forecasting to metrics to drive your operational efficiency and business growth.

Point of Sale System

A complete solution to manage your sales, products, customer database, transactions and ROI, etc. Improve your operational agility with point-of-sale that is always current with all customizations, flexibility and scalability carried forward to support your business.

Sales Management

Oversee how and where a sale takes place. An automated online ordering module integrated in Ertru system with a dedicated sales and account manager help you analyze purchase orders and sales data to make correct business decisions.

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